Hire people when YOU need help not when they want to help you!

Get local help when you need it on your terms, save money by not having to pay travel costs, local helpers are ready to help you!

LOCALHANDS allows me to get help for anything instantly on your terms and your price! Hire background checked providers for micro jobs - Uber Style!

Heather Alexander Dana Point, CA

Got Skills? make money - work local!

Become a Local Helper and work locally, get paid daily with the LocalHands on demand hiring service. Sign up to become a helper today!

I'm making a few hundred dollars a day without leaving my city, this app is great! I love LocalHands

@Tyler2V EDH, CA

A new way to Hire

With LocalHands, we connect local workers with locals that need help! The app makes it very easy to get help for anything! All helpers are background checked and local. Try LocalHands today!

Fantastic app! I love that I can work whenever I want as much or as little as I want. The LocalHands App is awesome! Also I get to meet many of my neighbors!

Kelly Ryan Folsom, CA

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